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What is Tuunio?

Tuunio is a social playlisting tool. It’s a really simple way to connect your social media accounts to Spotify and build awesome personalised playlists with people from all around the world.

Who developed it?

Tuunio is a collaboration between Smarts Communicate and The Space Between

It’s the brainchild of Spike from Smarts Communicate and Steve from The Space Between.

Among other things, Spike is a PR strategist with a penchant for Scotch whisky and Steve is a coding obsessive and musician who has toured/recorded with AIR, Bryan Ferry, Brian Eno and Florence + The Machine amongst others. They make a good team.

Spike and Steve have been mates for 30 years. They’ve played ice-hockey together. Been in a band together. Written songs together. They’ve also shared precisely as many song recommendations as you’d expect from two self-confessed vinyl junkies.

In early 2016 Spike – keen to democratise the office playlist at Smarts Communicate – asked Steve if he knew of any way to create playlists using something as simple as Twitter. He didn’t. But he reckoned they could build something.

So they did. And here we are.

Was anyone else involved?

More people than you can possibly imagine!

The Tuunio logo was was created by Iancu Barbarasa - a super-clean evolution of an idea originally sketched by Matt Rudd in a café one Saturday morning.

The simple, clean homepage layout was initially created by Tara Jamison and developed into the full site design by The Space Between with some great input by the crew at Smarts Communicate.

Iancu, Darryl, Matt and Richard were positive pedants throughout the process, taming wild flights of fancy, encouraging the good stuff and holding us to our our initial belief that above all this had to be useful and simple.

We hope it is. And we hope you enjoy it.


Spike Corbridge and Steve Jones
Development & build
Steve Jones and Spike Corbridge
Graphic design
Iancu Barabarasa, Tara Jamison, Matt Rudd, Andrew Campbell
Michael Purcell. Voiceover: Diane Jones. Music: Ramshackle Crow
Testing & usability
Stuart Johnston at Atto Partners

With much thanks to: Pippa Arlow, Darryl Greer, Richard Nelson, Peter Purcell, Adonia Wasson, Jodi Doherty, Kathy Maginn, Alban Maginness, Katie Harris, Gavin Rainey, Rachel Lonergan and Jonny McClean.