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What is Tuunio?

Tuunio is a really simple way for people to create playlists just by sending messages on social media – we call it social playlisting.

What’s it for?

Loads of things! You could be having a party and want to give your guests a chance to add their own songs to a playlist for the night. You might be the office DJ and want to give your colleagues a chance to recommend a few tunes. Or maybe your mates are always discovering new music you’ve never heard of and you want them to introduce you to something a bit different.

What makes this different to anything else?

There are lots of ways to tell people what you’re listening to – most music services have some way of doing this built in these days - but we haven’t been able to find a really great way of doing the opposite, of letting people help you decide what you could be listening to in the first place… so we built this.

How does it work?

Simple. Tuunio connects your social media accounts and Spotify to create playlists using hashtags.

You sign in, create a hashtag, choose which Spotify playlist you want to populate and click ‘Wire it Up’ – easy, eh?

Tuunio will then start searching social media for messages to you that include your hashtag and a song recommendation. When it finds something it will automatically add the suggested song to your chosen playlist.

Can you give me an example?

Sure. If you use Twitter the structure always works like this:

@TwitterName → Message → #Hashtag → Artist → Song

And just so you know, the message bit is optional:

@TwitterName → #Hashtag → Artist → Song - will work just as well!

Here’s how it could work in real life…

If you wanted to add a song to an office playlist set up by a Tuunio user whose Twitter name is @JimmyAtWork23, you would send a Tweet which starts with their Twitter handle, followed by any message you’d like to send, then a hashtag that they’d set up – let’s say #OfficeTunes – and then the artist and song you want them to hear.

So if you wanted to add 1999 by Prince, the Tweet would look like this:

When you send the Tweet, Tuunio will find it the next time it is searching their social networks for new recommendations, convert it into a track, and add it to the office playlist in Spotify. Make sense?

Once you’ve done it a few times it’s easy to remember.

If you are using Facebook, just comment on someone’s post and finish your comment with the hashtag they’ve specified, then the artist and song you want to recommend. Easy.

How do I tell people I want recommendations?

Sharing your Tuunelist with the world is easy. On your My Tuunio page, choose a Tuunelist from the right hand column, open it and click on the share on Facebook or Twitter options. This will allow you to post a message on your social media channels telling people that you’re looking for songs. Just choose which platforms you want to post to and the on screen instructions will guide you through the rest.

How many songs can I add to a playlist?

There is no limit to what you can do on Tuunio, but playlists on Spotify are limited to 10,000 songs. To be honest, we don’t really see that as a problem!

How many playlists can I have?

While we're in beta you'll be able to have 10 active Tuunelists on the go at the same time.

What happens when a playlist maxes out?

When you hit the magic number Tuunio will stop adding any more tracks to the list. If you get that many tracks recommended however you might be listening for quite a while!

Does Tuunio have to be running in the background to work?

If you’re using Facebook, no. Once you’ve set up your Tuunelist and shared it you’re good to go. This way of doing things isn’t available on Twitter just yet, so if you want to use Twitter just open Tuunio in a browser tab, leave it running and it will check for new recommendations every thirty seconds or so.

Is Tuunio available as an app?

Not at the moment – for now it’s a web service but we’re working on an app and hope to have it available before the end of the year.

If you want to easy access to Tuunio on your smart phone just save it to the homepage – it works brilliantly on mobile.

Why does Tuunio need to access my social media and Spotify accounts?

Tuunio needs to access your social media accounts to look for suggested songs and Spotify to play them.

Do I have my own account?

Absolutely. Signing up sets you up with your own account and you can use this build individual connections between your different social media accounts and Spotify. We call each of these unique connections a Tuunelist.

Is ‘Tuunelist’ the only unfamiliar word I need to learn?

The only other word that it would be helpful to get your head around is a Shout. A Shout is our word for a song recommendation on one of your social networks – kind of like a shout out from a DJ.

Does Tuunio cost anything?

No, at the moment it’s absolutely free.

So how do you make money out of it?

At this point in time we don’t!

It looks like my Shout to someone hasn't shown up - why would this be?

Good question. It's possible that something has gone wrong, or that maybe you haven't quite directed your Shout right - check out our advice on how to send a Shout to make sure! The other most likely possibility is that you sent your Shout on Twitter and the person you sent your Shout to hasn't logged in to Tuunio to collect it yet. Once they do, it will show up on the Tuunio homepage, in the relevant Tuunelist page and in your own Shout feed.

Help! It doesn’t seem to be working for me, why?

OK. Here we go… There could be a few reasons for this.

  1. There might be a problem with Tuunio – if there is, sorry. Just send us a quick email to support@tuunio.com and we’ll have a look for you as soon as we can.
  2. There might be a problem with some of your social media platforms or Spotify. If there is we’re sure they’ll sort it out soon and you’ll be back up and going quickly.
  3. Maybe Tuunio is working fine but Spotify simply doesn’t have a particular song in its enormous library. This happens once in a while but fortunately not that often! If that’s the case then either no song will show up in your Tuunelist, or the closest song we can find will replace it. If you don’t like the replacement, just remove it!
  4. It might be to do with the fact that someone’s social media feeds are protected – if they are then unfortunately we can’t read them. That’s probably a good thing but it means we can’t add their shouts to your Tuunelists.
  5. If a Shout has been made on Twitter then maybe you’ve signed out of Tuunio or closed the window or tab that Tuunio is running in. Remember when you’re using Twitter Tuunio needs to be running in the background to work. Just reopen the tab and sign in and you should be good to go.
  6. Maybe you’ve made a mistake. Yeah, we know it’s risky to suggest that, but maybe you’ve made a typo in your hashtag or got the name of an artist or song wrong…it’s easily done. Try again and hopefully you’ll get it right this time!
  7. This might seem obvious, but just because you’ve created a Tuunelist doesn’t mean that you necessarily told anyone! If no one knows what you’ve done then its unlikely they’ll suggest any songs? So, if you’re sitting waiting for your playlist to populate, maybe you just need to spread the news! Tuunio gives you a chance to do this, every time you create a new Tuunelist.
  8. If you’re having a problem listening on mobile, remember that only Spotify Premium allows single track playback on mobile. If you’re listening on a free account you won’t be able to listen on mobile but you can pick up all your Shouts on Spotify itself. When you’re on desktop there are no problems – you should be able to listen just fine!

Can anyone add songs to my playlist?

Once you’ve shared a Tuunelist to Twitter or Facebook, anyone who sees your message can send you Shouts.

What happens if someone adds a song I don’t like?

That’s part of the fun of social playlisting, there’s always an element of risk! Although if anyone suggests Mr Blobby we’re truly sorry. If you want to remove a song from a Tuunelist:

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Click the three dots - more options icon in the Shout toolbar below the track artwork
  3. Click ‘Remove this Shout’

You can only remove Shouts that were sent to you, not Shouts you’ve sent to others. If you want someone to remove a Shout you made to them, just ask on the social media channel you sent the Shout on in the first place. We’re looking at making this possible in Tuunio very soon.

Sometimes Tuunelists I'm following don't seem to update on Spotify - why?

We've noticed that with things we follow too but we're pretty sure it's nothing to do with Tuunio. Restarting Spotify fixes it pretty quickly!

Can I use any other streaming service except Spotify?

Not right now. But who knows in the future?

Are Twitter and Facebook the only social media platforms I can use?

At the moment, yes. But we’re working on adding more.

Is Tuunio endorsed by Spotify, Twitter or Facebook?

No. Tuunio just uses the publicly available APIs for each of these services.